Fil-Am Association of Southern Maryland

Culture.  Heritage.  Food & Fun!

About Us

2019 Board

Officers: 2020 Officers and Board

President: Jean  Bailey
Vice President: Mike Brown
Secretaries: Dale and Liz Coots
Treasurer: Carlos Jelinek
President at Large: Charlene Rohulich

Media Director : Jennifer McNamara

Event Coordinator :  Lovely Ray

Asst. Even Coordinator: Sandy Nguyen

Board Member(s):
Lorna Homan

Julie and Romy David

Charles Landers

Bob and Joy  Gates

Mark Lucas

Ramon Tuazon

Filam Advisors:
Rolina Anderson

Andrei Pugay

Rhoel Galapon

Jennifer Castillo

Andy Magkasi

George Bundalian

Susana Busitzky

Our Objectives

  1. To promote Fil-Am culture and heritage through participation in community events; and to enhance inter-cultural understanding.
  2. To promote effective community relations by providing support to various non-profit or charitable organizations.
  3. To improve cohesion among members through brotherhood or camaraderie; and to provide morale and assistance to members through active participation.

Our History.

The Fil-Am of Southern Maryland began as a small group of Filipino-Americans who started having parties at each others' homes to share food and company in the local area around Southern Maryland in the early 2000s. As its popularity grew, gatherings began to get larger and people wanted to do Fil-Am cultural activities. The group began to formalize its meetings and in 2006, its first President, Officers and Board Members officially had its start and they began incorporating Bi-Laws to govern the organization. The first President was George Bundalian and he continues to be an important part of our FIl-Am community today. In 2013, under President Mark Lucas and with the help of former president Ramon Tuazon, the organization filed for 501(3)c status as a tax-exempt organization. As the Fil-Am of Southern Maryland continues to mature, its priorities are rooted in the objectives of promoting culture, effective community relations, assist the community in various capacities and improve brotherhood and camaraderie throughout the local area and beyond.

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